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It could be a daunting task when it comes to selecting the right ERP or business management solution to simplify your current practices as well as support your growing business flow. When there is a need to derive Dynamics 365 Business Central Vs Dynamics GP, various factors get involved. 

If you are seeking to improve your business capabilities out of Business Central and Dynamics GP, then this blog is curated for you. In this blog, we will include all the required parameters helping you to make a productive decision for your business. 

Every business comprises a different set of practices and requires supporting its growing business model. This is the time when they need to update their system capabilities to support their end-to-end practices along with the scalability part. Both the Dynamics 365 GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central come with different business capabilities.  

So, let’s understand these two business solutions in an in-depth manner and come up with a final solution for your business. Initially, both the ERP solutions come suited to the specific business requirements in terms of high-end features, customized configuration, and scalable opportunities.  

Here, you need to know that Dynamics GP is merely available for existing users. Since Microsoft has abandoned providing new Dynamics GP licenses, thereby, existing GP can avail of GP support services directly from the Microsoft Partners. When it comes to Dynamics 365 Business Central, it comes with a vast opportunity and is available for everyone. 

Now, let’s navigate this blog’s flow towards Dynamics 365 Business Central Vs Dynamics 365 GP. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central Vs Dynamics GP  

Initially both the Dynamics GP and Business Central come with different yet specific business capabilities. When it comes to Dynamics 365 GP, it comprises an ERP solution along with accounting, sales, and services modules as well. When we talk about Dynamics 365 Business Central, it also comes with various business management modules rather than the basic ERP solution. So, let’s start differentiating both starting from their basic part. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP 

Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to cover not just your ERP part even accounting and other bottom-line business activities helping businesses to automate their data, streamline their processes, optimize resource utilization, and manage the right financial flow.  

Dynamics GP also imbibes sales and services modules too wrapped with built-in business intelligence to carry out productive and efficient decision-making across the organization. Here, it is essential to know that Dynamics GP stores your data using the Microsoft SQL Server. 

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed as a powerful business management solution with endless features, vast configuration capability, and deployment flexibility (whether on-premises, hybrid, or on-cloud). Business Central allows enterprises to manage their end-to-end business practices including customer relationships, finance & supply chain, human resourcing, warehousing, sales, planning & budgeting, regulatory & global compliance, and more. 

Advantages of GP 

Dynamics GP is a well-known ERP solution that includes extensive functionality and can be made possible with minimum customization. But sad to say, Dynamics GP is no longer available for new users, thereby, only existing users can leverage its vital functionality. 

Dynamics GP is a business application designed to serve mid-scale businesses in every domain context and diverse industry range. With the help of essential add-ons, it allows businesses to extend their business capabilities to impact the profitability level. 

Dynamics GP helps to broaden your business practices and brings the capability to manage them seamlessly. Businesses can effectively manage and drive practices like finance & procurement, field service, inventory, supply chain, business intelligence & reporting, project automation, etc. 

Its business intelligence capabilities help enterprises to make informed decisions in a timely context. Enterprises can automate their practices, simplify their process flow, drive efficient remote practices, and can improve their business continuity.  

If your business deals in sensitive data practices, Dynamics GP could be a proven and efficient deal for your business as it can be deployed on-premises while storing your data leveraging Microsoft SQL Server. 

Advantages of Business Central 

Business Central is a highly equipped business management solution designed for small to mid-scale enterprises to streamline processes, roll out data automation, and drive efficiency with real-time decision-making capability to support the overall operational performance while improving the production line and enabling profitability. 

Business Central facilitates enterprise with real-time practices to manage end-to-end operational flow from finance & supply chain to manufacturing & distribution, resourcing & project automation to regulatory & global compliance, etc. 

Due to its high-end business intelligence capabilities, Business Central empowers enterprises with real-time decision-making efficiency and an additional level of control throughout their operational processes. 

Business Central’s core version is configured with all the essential business functionalities improving the flow of growing organizations. Since Business Central facilitates users with continuous upgrades and feature releases, enterprises can always keep their system updated with upgraded functionality whenever required. 

When it comes to the deployment part, Business Central can be deployed suited to your specific business model or requirement whether on-premises, on-cloud or hybrid. 

In Terms of Pricing 

Before finalizing any business solution, the budgeting factor is always considered as every enterprise would have a different budget and investment plan. So, let’s understand how Dynamics GP and Business Central can fit into your determined budget.  

Dynamics GP is an on-premises facilitation deal that also imbibes extra upfront cost, required hardware installation, etc., and that too with a timely subscription charge. Again, it’s no longer available for new users as Microsoft has abandoned providing new user GP licensing. However, existing GP users can always seek reliable and cost-effective support from a trustworthy Microsoft Partner like Dynamics Square

Business Central is embedded with cloud facilitation which is the lacking part in Dynamics GP. With cloud-based deployment, you can leverage your Business Central account to keep an eye on your data from anywhere, anytime, and using any device. 

So, being a new user, you are left with the Business Central licensing option only which can be availed of with flexible licensing plans suited to your specific business level or requirement. Initially, it starts at $70 per user/per month. Here are available Business Central plans that you can consider: 

  • Business Central Essential Plan: $70 per user/per month 
  • Business Central Premium Plan: $100 per user/ per month 
  • Business Central Team Member: $8 per user/per month 

So, this will be your licensing cost only. If you ask for customized configuration and any sort of integration to maximize your functional capability, your pricing will be revised accordingly. 

Functional Capability 

When we compare the functional capability of Business Central and Dynamics GP, Business Central wins at this point as it provides all those functionalities along with its own extended ones. Even with its essential plan, you can get exclusive modules like finance, inventory, project management, order management, etc. 

If this basic one doesn’t fulfill your requirement, or you need to add more modules like service management, sales order management, manufacturing, or likewise, you can choose its premium plan. If you start with its essential plan, you can switch anytime to its upper version i.e., premium one or higher (by concluding team member) 


Now, after performing Dynamics 365 Vs Dynamics GP adequately, you have all the facts and figures to make a smarter decision. If you need expert advice, contact Dynamics Square. By reviewing your system requirement, we can reveal and suggest to you the optimal solution for your business.